2020-12-20 COVID-19 Update – New Tiers

Following on from our Prime Minister’s announcement last night, we have now further restrictions in place.

As of this morning (20th December 2020), Peterborough has been declared a Tier 4 area. As Whittlesey remains a Tier 2 area, members living in Peterborough are now no longer able to travel outside of their area to attend the club.

South Holland County Council residents have had this restriction already in place for some time now, and Peterborough County Council residents will now also have to abide by these new rules.

Residents of Fenland District Council may still use the club as normal – using the bookings system.

We will of course constantly review any changes to these rules and get you back shooting, as we all should be, as soon as is safe and lawful.

Published by tristan

I have been a member of the club for more years than I can remember. I have seen it change and I have seen members come and go. The joy of target shooting is such a stress relief for me.

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