2021-02-23 Possible date for Range opening

Following on from the UK Governments announcement last night, we could re-open “…5 weeks after Step 1, no earlier than 12 April“. Of course we would still need to adhere to the social distancing and the use of the booking system. Feel free to book now, but bear in mind that this could be cancelled.

2020-12-23 COVID-19 Update – Closure

Following on from the Governments announcement that Cambridgeshire will move into the highest Tier 4 category, we have no option to close the club, again. From 26-Dec-2020, the doors will be locked. No-one is to use the range. All existing bookings have now been cancelled. We will of course open at the earliest opportunity, and […]

2020-12-20 COVID-19 Update – New Tiers

Following on from our Prime Minister’s announcement last night, we have now further restrictions in place. As of this morning (20th December 2020), Peterborough has been declared a Tier 4 area. As Whittlesey remains a Tier 2 area, members living in Peterborough are now no longer able to travel outside of their area to attend […]

2020-11-01 COVID-19 Update – Closure 2

Following the Prime Ministers announcement yesterday, it is with regret that we are going to have to close our club for a second time. The range will close after Wednesday 4th November 2020 and will re-open when we are given permission to. Bookings can still be made (via the booking form), up to and including […]

2020-07-12 COVID-19 Update

The Range is still closed. As we are classed as an Indoor Sports facility, we cannot legally open before 25th July at the very earliest, and then only when certain stipulations are in place, which we are currently waiting to see what these exact stipulations are. As an approved NSRA range, we also have to […]

2020-05-05 COVID-19 Latest

We have all heard the latest news from the Prime Minister, and have all interpreted it in different ways. At this moment in time, the club will remain closed. This will be reviewed once further information has been received from the Government. Suffice to say, that when we do open, we will need to adhere […]

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